Governor visits Government Dileep Boys Senior Secondary School in Solan


It was a memorable moment for the students of Government Duleep Boys Senior Secondary School in Solan, when Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar visited their class and interacted with them. It was a special experience for them to talk with such a high dignitary.

On Saturday, the governor reached class 9-A of the school . He interacted with the students in the presence of two science teachers of the class. In this class of 53 students, the children were excited and eager to answer questions and ask questions to the Governor.

During the conversation, the Governor said that books were a great tool to become a human being, which we should always have. He said that apart from textbooks, there should be a habit of reading other books. He said that if this habit was done from childhood, then the knowledge would increase and the knowledge of the subject will also increase. He said that it was necessary to read different books to understand the subject. He added that a ‘storehouse’ of knowledge was hidden in our ancient books. There have been many great Hindi novelists, story writers, poets etc. in the country, whose reading enriches our lives. We could follow the lives of those people.

The Governor asked the students what was the difference between knowledge and science. Why do we read newspapers? Why is it important to read newspapers? He also asked in whose house there were books of great personalities of India. The Governor presented the books of the great men brought by himself to every student and asked them to read them and after reading send their experiences to the Raj Bhavan through a letter. He advised them to make a habit of reading in life. On this occasion, students also asked questions to the Governor.

Science teachers Nisha Thakur and Seema Sharma were also present on the occasion. Later, the Governor held a meeting with the school teachers and discussed various issues related to education. Responding to his interaction with the students, the Governor said that he encouraged the children to study with the objective of ‘Padhege Toh Tikenge’. He asked the teachers to make more efforts