Una police using mobile app to streamline people’s entry in H.P

Una: After a huge rush of people started making a beeline at the borders of Himachal Pradesh following the government’s decision to allow its residents stuck in other States to return home, the police in the border district of Una have taken the lead in using mobile-based app to streamline their entry. Una district, which shares border with Punjab, saw as many as 12,579 people returning to the district in 2,765 vehicles between April 26 and April 28  the highest among all districts in the State. There has been a rush of people. We have started doing mobile app-based entry of data for persons entering from Una district, which is saving precious time of the public and the police personnel,” said Karthikeyan Gokulachandran, Superintendent of Police, Una. Mr. Gokulachandran said by use of this technology, the police will be recording the details of people, vehicles etc in the mobile phone, which will be saved at the backend for easy access. We will do away with paper and ensure the procedure is faster and details are common. The data is getting updated directly at the backend in real time. We do not need to compile it again on Excel or Google sheets now. It saves many manhours, dual entry, time and makes the mechanism more efficient. Also, when we keep updating the information on paper, then we have to compile it and by the time it is done, the dynamics change and the data becomes obsolete,” he said.