No trail of travel of corona traced, Administration to Repeat Samples of Family Members

Fear gripped in Hamirpur after Two tested positive for Covid-19, Administration sealed borders.

Hamirpur, April 23

There was no breakthrough in tracing the trail of corona virus in two covid-19 patients even after a week. Over 400 primary and secondary contacts of both patients were tested negative for corona virus. There was no recent history of travel of both the patients as per the investigations of police here. Every effort to track the trail of corona in two patients had virtually failed. Significantly, both the patients were tested positive on April 17 and were shifted to Radhaswami Charitable Hospital Bhota.

It was learnt from reliable sources that blood samples of both patients were collected for antibody profiling to ascertain the track of virus. It was also learnt that samples of all family members of both patients were also taken for covid-19 test yesterday on April 22.

The finding of two positive cases in the district had placed the district in the list of covid-19 affected district. Pertinently the district was free of corona virus until now. Notably, the male patient was from village Jolsappar near here while the female patient was a migratory labourer, living near Ward Number-7 of the town.

“The district administration had sealed all the borders of the district and no movement would be permitted till further orders”, said Harikesh Meena Deputy Commissioner here. There was complete restriction of any movement within seven kilometers of the places these cases were found. He said that the trail of travel of corona virus in two patients was yet to be established.

Pertinent to mention that both the cases had no recent travel history. They had willingly come to the Flu clinic of medical college and hospital here for routine check-up.

The town went dry and deserted following lockdown, fear gripped the town

The town wore deserted look as the district administration imposed strict lock down today. The relaxation period from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. in the curfew was abolished. There was no banking and even door to door supply chain was discontinued. The sudden orders of the administration had gripped the life in fear in the town and supply of milk was also terminated for two days. Parents with young infants and kids were trying to use the online supply system developed by the district administration but nothing worked for initial two days. The milk vendors who come from nearby villages had to return back without delivering milk in the town following prohibition orders.

Harikesh Meena Deputy Commissioner said that the supply of milk and vegetables had started in the containment and buffer zones. All milk agencies and fruit and vegetable vendors were issued permits to ensure the regular supply, he added.