Would Kangna be a new sensation of BJP in Mandi…?

Mandi Parliament Seat vacated after Demise of Ram Swaroop Sharma MP

Hill Quest Analysis

Hamirpur, March 17

Would Kangna Ranaut, a prominent actress be next face of BJP for Mandi Loksabha seat. The apprehension had started taking rounds in the media and political circles. Significantly, demise of Ram Swaroop Sharma Loksabha MP from Mandi had vacated the Loksabha seat from the state and the election for the seat had to be done within six months. Hence many aspirants might have started planning to garb the ticket form their respective political parties. At the same time the name of Kangan Ranaut had suddenly taken the wave in the state as probable candidate of BJP.


While congress leaders had also started review their own permutations and combinations for the election, BJP would be on acid test in the parliament as the earlier election was won by margin of four lac votes and to maintain that difference or retain the seat would be major challenge for the ruling party.

Although there were many leaders in the fray for the BJP ticket in 2019 , the similar situation would be in the next election but sudden rise of Kangna Ranaut into BJP fold had loomed wave of fear among aspiring BJP leaders in Mandi. Notably, BJP had showered blessings on her when her house in Mumbai was demolished by the Bombay Municipal Corporation. She was also provided ‘Y-Plus’ security cover by the centre government. Her special visits to former CM Shanta Kumar and with CM Jai Ram Thakur at Bhoranj had revealed her possible interests in politics. It was apprehended earlier too that she could enter into politics in future but could it be an opportunity for her?

On the other hand Ashray Sharma congress candidate in 2019 may again try to grab the congress ticket. Since he had lost the election by margin of over four lac votes, his supports were confident to perform better in the coming election.

Meanwhile, Mandi Parliament constituency was again in election mode and BJP had started brainstorming on the probable candidature and Congress leaders might have started balancing party equations.