Environment Day celebration at HAPS

HAMIRPUR:UNESCO club of HAPS Hiranagar celebrated ‘World Environment Day’ on 4 June 2019 on the theme of the year ‘Air pollution’

Vaibhav of class +1 recited a satirical verse during morning assembly whereas Kashvi of class VI highlighted the peril of ‘Air pollution’. Students from classes III to VIII sprinkled different hues of flowers to make a beautiful collage. Students of class IV enacted a hilarious skit on irony of modernization. NSS volunteers devoted one hour to clean botanical garden of the school. Later during the day students of class VIII visited nursery of myriad botanical herbs and shrubs at Neri Horticulture and forestry institute. Principal HAPS Hiranagar Ms. Vineeta Gupta congratulated teachers and students on successful completion of event.