Governor presides over 25th senate meeting at CSK Agriculture University


Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar presided over the 25th Senate meeting at Chaudhary Sarwan Kumar (CSK) Agricultural University, Palampur in Kangra . While speaking on the occasion, he stressed on working beyond academics so that common man and farmers could consider the University as theirs’ and it would be the success story in a real sense of any higher educational institution.  He said that our skill should be in the interest of the common man and this should be the motto of the University.

He said the climate change was a major challenge being faced by the world today, which was directly related to agriculture, horticulture and food security. There were many challenges in the agriculture sector and we could not run away from these challenges, rather we must find a solution to it. 

You are experts and with your concerted efforts since past several years, the University has achieved many milestones in agriculture. I hope that this process will be continued said the Governor.

The Governor said that similarly the biggest challenge in front of the youth was related to skill development and ability to learn new skills continuously. He expressed confidence that the youth would prepare themselves for these challenges. He called upon the young scientists to work with more dedication and develop skill in their respective field.

He said that it was our responsibility to rectify the shortcomings, and whole country was looking upto the Palampur University to provide a solution.  The Prime Minister was trying to double the income of farmers and all out effort must be made in this direction said Shri Arlekar. Whatever we were doing here, we were doing it for the younger generation and our knowledge should percolate upto lowest level, said the Governor.