Tree Plantation drive by PVFC to honour senior citizens

Hamirpur, July 21

A Tree Plantation drive by Dr. Pushpinder Verma Fans Club was started to honour senior citizens.

Over 5000 trees will be planted by elderly people in Hamirpur constituency in the plantation drive started by the club. Notably,  the members of fans club did sanitization villages and street of Hamirpur constituency thrice earlier. They also donated hand free sanitization gloves, machines, Masks and PPE kits to the doctors of Dr. Radhakrishanan medical college Hamirpur.

With the fall of monsoon they had started plantation drive in which they would encourage senior citizens to plant sapling of fruit plants including mango, guava, litchi, orange etc.

While planting trees in villages Neri, Baleta, Khagal and Burnad near here, members of Dr. Verma Fans Club gave saplings of fruit plants to senior citizens and helped them in plantataion too,

Dr. Pushpinder Verma said that the fruit tree plantation was taken as a mission. He said that a plant by eldest members of the house was connecting family members emotionally too. He said that over 5000 plants would be planted in the monsoon season.