One More Covid-19 Positive from Hotspot in HP

Una, April 14 (QNB)

One more Covid-19 patient was identified in the state from district Una. Reportedly, the 21 year old man was in contact with Tablighi Jamati and was from one of the five hotspots in the district.

The total number of Covid-19 positive cases had come to 33 in the state including one traced today.

With this new case total cases from Una is now 15 from three hotspots including  11 from Kuthera Khairla, three from Nakroh and one from Chowki Mannyar. Sandeep Kumar Deputy Commissioner had confirmed the new covid-19 case in the district.

With this new case the state has now 16 active cases while 12 had recovered and four had migrated out of the state. One Tibetan covid-19 patient had died following the disease.