Himachal to invoke section 302 against attendees of Tablighi Jamat: CoViD-19

Attendees of Markaj of Tablighi Jamat on government radar

From Hill Quest

The police could invoke section of attempt to murder (306, 307 of IPC) and of murder (302 of IPC) against attendees of Markaj of Tablighi Jamat at Nijamudin in New Delhi in March if they hide the information regarding their presence in the state. This was stated by SR Mardhi Dirctor General of Police in video communication released by police headquarter today. He warned one and all who attended the markaj at Nizamudin at had returned to the state.

He said that every such person must disclose his identity and where about before 1700 hrs (5 p.m.) on April 5. He said that those who fail to comply with the directions would be booked under section 302 of Indian Penal Code. He said that if anyone found infected of corona virus due to their presence after 5 p.m., a criminal case under the sections would be registered. He said that in case of infection of corona virus the case of attempt to murder would be registered and in case the infected person dies due to the infection of corona virus.

Pertinently, thousands of persons related to Tablighi Jamat attended the Markaz at Nijamudin and many them who returned to their native places were found infected of corona virus. So far six such persons were fund positive in the state and they didn’t revealed their identity to the administration but were traced by the police. It was learnt that over 256 persons of Tablighi jamat were identified and were quarantined by the state authorities at various places in the state.