Excavation started for gas and oil exploration in Noorpur

Kangra: India’s largest energy company ONGC has started an excavation process to explore the possibility of having crude oil and natural gas reserves in the Nurpur region. The company is checking the stocking position by digging 22 to 25 meters from the drilling machine on behalf of the company in Agar, Charudi and Panjhada of Noorpur, Tehsil of Kangra district of Himachal. All this work has been connected to GPS for gathering information through Jio Phone.

During the excavation, data of ground waves are being collected and all the information about the survey process of natural gas and crude oil is collected and made available to ONGC. In this context, ONGC team officials said in an informal conversation that the company is currently surveying the possibility of crude oil and natural gas in the area. Detailed excavation will be done on the basis of the report itself.