24 hours at Ultimate Survival Campsite: Beauties triumph over Fear

Contestants arriving at Ultimate Survival Camp Site

Apart from being a survival training campsite, the site offered serene ambiance and fun filled activities to the guests at the site including Rafting, Rope climbing, Spider net, archery, Fencing, ATV rides and evening bonfire. You can add fishing and trekking in the schedules too.


Hamirpur HQNB

Nine bold and beautiful contestants spent most happening 24 hours at the Ultimate Survival Campsite. Significantly, the campsite was developed by Maj. Retd. RC Sharma at village Dohag Jajwar near Jwalamukhi in district Kangra in Himachal Pradesh in the dense forests. Apart from being a survival training campsite, the site offered serene ambiance and fun filled activities to the guests at the site including Rafting, Rope climbing, Spider net, archery, Fencing, ATV rides and evening bonfire.

Contestants of Beauty Contest at Hotel Heera Heights Hamirpur

The nine contestants of mv-Miss Himachal contest including Natasha, Babita, Priya, Komal, Ishita, Pallavi, Mahima, Anushka and Deepali started their journey from Hamirpur for ‘A Night in the Jungle’ Programme at 8 a.m. from Hotel Heera Heights at Hira Nagar. The Hotel located in the green pine forests of Hira Nagar in the posh locality.

A day at Him Academy Public School Vikas Nagar

They had their basket ball match at Him Academy Public School Vikasnagar and had their breakfast at the school.

They reached Shiva temple Chamukha on the banks of river Beas at 11:00 a.m. Pertinent to mention that as the name suggested, the temple had a four faced idol of Lord Shiva. After paying obeisance at the temple all nine beautiful girls boarded rafts parked near the temple by the team of Ultimate Survival Campsite.

A victory over Fear: All is set for Rafting in the Beas River to reach the camp site

Two rafters Nitin and Ayush were expert in rafting and know well how to maneuver the raft in the rapids of the river. The five kilometer rafting was not only fun filled but it built confidence among the girls. Whosoever was afraid of entering water, had concurred the fear of water bodies. The girls landed on the sandy banks of river and had photo shoots in the sunny and sandy dunes on the river banks.

The beginning of trekking in the timber trails near the camp site

It was time for the lunch and the team at the Ultimate Survival Camp was ready with meals. The contestants did a site orientation and were given strict instructions on do’s and don’ts. A stroll into the forest and tents was done to familiarise about the vicinities of the campsite. It was important for all, as they could reach the site in case they get lost in the forest.

All the contestants were then taken for rope bridge activity till it turned dark. The camp site offered around five different activities on the ropes.   By the time the bonfire was in high flames and music system was in place. It was around 6:00 pm. And girls were ready for the dance and dine programme. The cultural evening that started at low keynote was at full swing at 8 p.m. when Avinash the site manager made the dinner call. The dinner around the bonfire was like icing on the cake. Though tired but unwilling to go to beds, girls were directed to get into sleeping bags at 9 p.m. with instructions to report at fire place at 5:30 a.m.

The feeling of the Night:

A night full of fun: the cultural evening at the camping site

A roar of leopard was heard from a distance but rattling of wild bushes and chirping of birds in early morning were amazing experiences. The roosting of wild fowls and barking of Barking Deer were adding drums to the music.

The next day started with warming up and jogging sessions at Ultimate Survival Campsite and concluded with morning tea after completing spider net activity.

Nine Bold, Beautiful and now transformed personalities left camp site with heavy heart with hope to visit again.


Natasha Guleria, “Ultimate Survival Campsite changed our vision of life and it helped us in conquering fear. Rafting and Spider net activities were awesome”.

Priya Sandhu, “I was amazed and thrilled. The stay at the campsite was unbelievable experience”.

Babita kaushal, “ I wanted to stay at the Ultimate Survival Campsite for more time, the evening bonfire session was most entertaining. The venue at Hotel Heera Height was also great.”

Komal, “A night in the jungle at the camping site was life time experience and one must do it at least once”. The standard of meals at Him Academy Public School was beyond expectation.

Pallavi, “ it was value for money, the event, the camping, the rafting and the fashion shows, everything was fun packed”.