Police had BJP patronage to crush media: Assn

Dharamsala : The  freedom of press is at risk in the state as police stopped media to interact with Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur during his visit to Kangra today. Journalists blamed that despite their humble requests to speak to CM. the police behaved rudely and did not allow media to speak to CM. Some reporters said that this was more surprising that CM who was sitting and watching the incident did not intervene and kept sitting as silent spectator. 

Suneel a reporter to a local media house said that it was felt that police had got BJP patronage to crush media in the state. He said that this was not first time that Media was taken for ride in presence of BJP leaders of Police in presence of BJP leaders. Another scribe said that this was an attempt to strangulate the voice of media who was to ask some questions pertaining to development and policies of the state government.

Vipin Parmar Health Minister who was present was also seen restricting journalists from meeting the CM.

Meanwhile, CM Jai Ram Thakur later tried to mitigate the situation by assuring the media interaction.