Fear loomed as Landslide exposed foundation of house

Foundation of house exposed due to land slide following digging near the house on Hamirpur byepass

Hamirpur, May 25,

Unscientific cutting and heavy rain uprooted house foundation in ward no 10 of the town and had rendered family living in the house homeless as fear of falling the house loomed. It was learnt that the two storied house that is located on the national highway bye-pass was constructed few years ago was on the hill side of the road. While the land adjoining the house along the NH was dug about over 30 feet to bring the level of the land to the level of the NH. It was learnt that the purpose of digging the land was to establish a shopping complex on the highway.

People standing near the site said that the land slide was so sudden and banging as if the house had gutted. Ramesh Kumar who was walking on the road side said that the debris of the land slide spread on the highway that was about 40 feet away from the cutting. He told that the occupants of the house rushed out of the house in rain and took shelter with their neighbours. It was apprehended that bigger land slide could occur and could lead to fall of the house on the hill side.

It was also learnt from unconfirmed sources that the parts of land that was dug along the highway and the land on which house was constructed were of government lands in nature. The reporter was in process of investigating the ownership issue of the both plots till filling of the news.

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