Dr. Vivek Shama Nominated Vice President of Delhi Congress Committee (Doctors Cell)

Alleged poor control on spread of Corona Virus Pandemic

Dr. Vivek Shama

Hamirpur, November 06

Dr. Vivek Shama who hailed from the town was Nominated Vice President of Delhi Congress Committee. On his maiden visit to the town he said that the health sector was neglected  by the NDA government and centre and state governments of the collation had had failed on all fronts to contain the covid pandemic here today.

He said that the DCC had launched a pilot project to provide health facilities to down trodden society in the National Capital Region. He said that once it would be tested successful the same could be launched in other states of the country. He said that initially the Doctors wing of the DCC had  organized health camps in the sub-urbs of the NCR and it had revealed that they were hardly provided medical facilities during surge in pandemic. Peritinently, Dr. Vivek Shama was an experienced cardiologist working in Delhi and his father Dr.  DD Shama was eye specialist here.

Rajender Zar president of DCC here while interacting said that although the BJP government had reduced the price of Petrol and Diesel in the country but it was still beyond the reach of common man. He said that when crude oil was at cost of $135 per barrel in the international market, congress provided petrol and diesel at Rs. 66 and Rs. 58 per liter respectively. Now crude oil cost was below $85, the government should bring down the cost of petrol and diesel below Rs.66 and Rs. 58, he added.