Jai and Veeru Always Reciprocated with Respect and Love

Jai Ji had blessings of Virbharda Singh

Shimla July 9 (QNS)

Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur with Former Chief Minister during VIdhan Sabha Session

Former Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh ji showered all blessings on Jai Ram Thakur and helped him as and when Jai needed as the duo enjoyed ‘Guru Chela’ type affinity. And that was why Jai Ram Thakur Chief Minister set aside all political differences and extended every help to the family of former chief minister Virbhadra Singh. Pertinent to mention Jai ji ignored all protocols of CM and rushed to see that everything was done in accordance to the stature of Virbhadra Singh.

Today when the mortal remains of the veteran were kept for public viewing Jai Ram Thakur  remained busy in completing his daily course to make himself free for tomorrow to attend the funeral of the deceased leader.

While expressing his gratitude to the departed leader Jai Ram Thakur said, “it was unbelievable that Raja Saheb is now no more with us. His demise was personal loss to me. The void created due to his death would never be full filled.”

His eyes were wet and voice was frozen. He said that the contribution of Virbhadra Singh in the development of Himachal Pradesh was exemplary. No one in future could do for the state, what Virbhadra Singh ji had done, he added. He concluded, “Ishwar unki Atma Ko Shanti Pradan Kare.”