INDIA ranked 4th in Corona Virus Cases

New Delhi

June 15, (QNN Research Desk)

With 333225 confirmed cases of corona virus in the country India stands as fourth highest infected nation in the world. Significantly, USA tops the tally with 2162228 cases of corona virus followed by Brazil with 867882 corona virus cases and Russia with 537210 cases. Pertinently, USA had experienced highest number of covid deaths, as many as 117858 people had died due to corona virus pandemic in USA. In Brazil 43389 people had lost their lives due to corona virus while in Russia 7091 deaths were reported and in India 9524 people had lost their lives so far.

As per the recent reports the number of corona virus patients was increasing alarmingly in India as nearly 11000 people were tested positive for corona virus in the country daily. 

Pertinently, the number of corona virus cases had multiplied more than double in just ten days. It was also apprehended that the number of cases was much higher than that of government figures as the testing facility was far less as compared to developed nations including USA, Brazil, Russia and other European countries.

Meanwhile the total number of corona virus patients in the world had surged to 80,13,963. As many as 435988 deaths were reported around the world so far.  4137614 people had won the fight against corona virus and reportedly recovered while number of active cases was 3440361. The death rate was 10%  in the world while the number of critical cases was 54461.