EVs a radical move towards Greener and Cleaner tomorrow

Shimla (QNN)

A push for greener initiatives has led many nations and Governments to adopt electric vehicles (EVs) in their fleet. Notable for their fuel efficiency, EVs can be a cost-effective way to reduce operating expenses. Besides lower fuel costs, EVs also serve as a greener alternative to gas or diesel vehicles. By eliminating exhaust, they can reduce the carbon emissions.

Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu’s has made it clear that in order to protect and conserve the pristine environment of Himachal Pradesh, the Government will go for electric vehicles in a big way. For this, the State Government has decided to implement a new Electric Vehicle Policy with innovative ideas in the State. 

A concrete step of radical change has been taken keeping in mind the negative impact of the transport sector on the environment besides long run impact of green house gases and rising fuel prices.  Under this policy, to start with, operation of electric vehicles will be promoted in the Secretariat in the coming days and thereafter the use of electric vehicles will be increased in public transport services as well. 

In order to motivate the people to go for electric vehicles, charging stations will be set up with proper parameters in different parts of the State. In the initial phase, this facility will be provided in various government institutions of the state including Government Secretariat and in Himachal Bhawans and other major buildings outside the state.

The State Government is also preparing a plan to replace vehicles of zero book value with electric vehicles in a phased manner in the Himachal Road Transport Corporation.  Under this policy, electric buses are also to be included in the corporation’s fleet.  The new electric vehicle policy will go a long way in conservation of environment, which will not only benefit the present but also the coming generations.