State Government ensured effective steps to develop Startup culture in Himachal: Bikram Singh


Industries, Transport, Labor and Employment Minister Bikram Singh presided over the Annual Entrepreneurship Awards function organized by the Industries Department . During the function, excellent startup founders were awarded under Chief Minister’s Startup, Innovation Project and New Industries Scheme.

While congratulating the award winning entrepreneurs, the Industries Minister said that the state’s ecosystem is productive and youth can become successful entrepreneurs with their innovative ideas and hard work. He said that Himachal has been adjudged as the Aspiring Leader in the Startup Ranking of States for the year 2021 for developing a strong startup ecosystem.

Bikram Singh said that the State Government has taken effective steps to develop the startup culture in the State. Progress is being made in the direction of formulating a new startup policy. He assured that the state government would enhance financial assistance for startups and rationalize various formalities in their operation. He also asked the department to bring proposals to further strengthen the Chief Minister’s startup, Innovative Projects and New Industries Scheme.

He said that the Industries Department should work more swiftly towards making the Startup Policy more effective. After establishing startups, practical challenges were being faced by the entrepreneurs at various stages including marketing of their products and its solution should also be included in the new scheme, he added.