PM Modi to meet GHMC corporators


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet as many as 47 BJP corporators of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation along with office bearers of the Hyderabad unit and other senior leaders in New Delhi.

This is the first time that during his tenure as a Prime Minister, he has called for such an informal interaction.

Prakash Reddy, BJP leader, said, Our corporators and office bearers have been asked to meet the Prime Minister . He invited us all during his recent visit to ISB, Hyderabad. Due to heavy rains here, we were unable to him back then. PM has invited us once again to meet him.

PM Modi will hoist a tea meeting. It is only a courtesy visit. PM Modi will motivate us to work for the party. Keeping that spirit, we will meet the Prime Minister, he said.

This development comes just months before the Telangana Assembly elections which are slated to be held next year.