Road constructed on land of veterinary hospital despite restrictions, SDM to initiate action in Bhoranj Constituency

Hamirpur, April 04

A road being constructed through land of veterinary hospital to village Kot had come under scanner as the panchyat had not taken consent from the concerned department. It was learnt that the village Kot in district Bilaspur was already connected by road but some people from Kot panchyat wanted to create a new shorter access to village Jahu. It was alleged that in the process the people had traced the road through land of veterinary hospital Jahu. Pertinent to mention that animal husbandry department had already started construction of veterinary hospital at cost of Rs. 70 lac. and the road would be hurdle in the construction. Interestingly, the village kot is in Bilaspur district while Jahu is in Hamirpur district.

Manoj Kumar Deputy Director animal husbandry department here said that people had tried to construct the road on the land of the department, but were stopped with the help of local administration and police. He said that again people were trying to construct road on the land forcibly but they would not be allowed to do so. He said that the department had informed the SDM Bhoranj and Police to initiate action.

Rakesh Sharma SDM Bhoranj said that he had not received any information from animal husbandry department. Action would be initiated only after a communication would be received from the department, he added.

Ajay Kumar media coordinator of Block Congress Committee Bhoranj said that people of a village in Bilasour had forcibly constructed road in violations of norms on the land of veterinary hospital.