Raid on liquor shops in Punjab-Haryana-Delhi, DGP sent teams

Shimla (QNN)

Himachal Pradesh Police has taken major action in the case of death of seven people due to drinking spurious liquor in Sundernagar. The police have simultaneously raided the liquor mafia's hideouts at many places in Punjab, Haryana and Delhi in the neighboring states as well as outside the state. This campaign of Himachal Police continued on late Friday night. Himachal Pradesh Police Captain DGP Sanjay Kundu has sent special police teams to Punjab, Haryana and Delhi, who have conducted raids and collected important evidence clues.
Along with this, many people have been caught by the police. Himachal Pradesh Police can disclose in this matter on Saturday. However, many important and main accused related to this case have also gone underground, for whom the Himachal Pradesh Police is engaged. In the important episode of carrying out this racket in Sundernagar sub-division, the police has also reached the main accused. The police have taken the accused in their custody. The police have also seized a private bus from Sundanagar. So far, in the preliminary post-mortem and bisra report of those who died of poisonous alcohol, the presence of methyl alcohol in the liquor has also been confirmed. At the same time, more people continue to get sick due to the consumption of spurious liquor. Three more people have been admitted to the hospital after falling ill, while in Sundernagar also the police have recovered four empty bottles of orange flowers illicit liquor.