CM’s Visit was Celebrated as Festive Day at Dodra Kawar

Jai Ram Thakur had brought hope for beginning of Development Era in the hills

Dinesh Kanwar

CM Jai Ram Thakur intracted with elderly woman at Dodra Kawar

People of Dodra Kawar had a festive celebration on September 22 when Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur arrived here. It was after a long span when a chief minister spared time to visit this remotest corner of Shimla district. Although it was official visit of the CM to lay foundation stones of multiple development works yet his humble gesture towards people of this area touched hearts of everyone.

Apart from his formal schedule to address people and laying foundation stones, his interaction with old women and school students brought smiles to faces of masses. The overwhelmed response of gathering present at Kawar and love showered added glow to the chief minister’s expressions.

It was heartfelt moment for over 85 years old woman when Jai Ram interacted with her and asked for her wellbeing. Instead of asking for any favour she said, “I just came to see you and our blessings are with you”.

CM Jai Ram Thakur intracted with students at Dodra Kawar

Another old woman who met CM on the dais thanked him for his visit. She said that people in Dordra-Kawar live tought life and they had big hopes from him. Jai Ram assured that he would try his best to provide facilities to this remote area. Another woman said that the area remained ignored for long time. She said that the visit of Jai Ram Thakur had brought hope for beginning of Development Era in the hills.

The interaction of students with Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur was also pleased one and all. Students requested CM to open the schools, while CM assured them that schools could only be opened once situation get normal. Still CM told them that their wait would be over soon and they could go to schools soon.