More tourists than issued e-passes in Himachal Pradesh

Shimla, June 15

Himachal Pradesh government in its meeting on Saturday had decided that there would be no requirement of RT-PCR tests for any tourist entering in Himachal. After this decision, tourists from neighbouring states and places like Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, and Delhi were seen crowding at Himachal state border on Sunday. A huge traffic of tourist’s vehicles was seen at Parwanoo, where cops were looking for Covid e-pass of travellers coming from other states. But the number of vehicles entering the state was more than the e-passes issued.
On June 11 over 9,586 persons entered Himachal but number of passes issued were only 3,991. On June 12 over 3,852 e-passes were issued but 9,278 tourists entered Himachal. On June 13; 7,201 persons entered Himachal but only 2,787 e-passes were issued. On June 14 as many as  5,211 people entered Himachal but only 2,338 e-passes were issued.
This proved that at that point either the police, monitoring the tourists at borders was liberal in  permitting vehicles without an e-pass or some different passages were used by tourists. The state government also removed Section 144 that encouraged over flow of tourists into the state.