Flooding killed at least 9 endangered rhinos and many people

Assam, july 21 (QNN)

The flooding caused by heavy rainfall had killed more than 80 persons in northeast India. The disaster had forced more than 25 Lac people to flee from their homes in the state of Assam since May this year.

The flooded waters had washed away more than 10 thousand homes across the state. This had forced authorities to set up 300 relief camps in the region. Relief work was hampered due to rising number of corona virus case in the country. The forest authorities said that 85 percent of Kaziranga National Park in Assam was flooded. The Kaziranga National Park was home to an estimated 2,500 endangered one horned rhinos.  

The forest authorities reported that more than 100 wild animals, including nine rhinos, had drowned in the floods till Monday. The majority of the world’s surviving one-horned rhinos live in Kaziranga national Park. Officials spokesman said that wild buffaloes, wild boar, swamp deer and hog deer were among the other animals traced dead in the park.