NIT scams Knocked Doors of MHRD

Hamirpur, July 2 (QNN)

The burning issue of alleged favoritism in appointment of faculty members at National Institute of Technology Hamirpur (NITH) had made its strides to the office of Minister of Human Resource and Development.

Anurag Thakur Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs

Anurag Thakur Minister of state for Finance and corporate affairs and Member Parliament fom Hamiprur had met Ramesh Pokhriyal Minister of Human Resource Development and sought intervention and high level inquiry into alleged scams in National Institute of Technology Hamirpur.

In a media release from the office of Anurag Thakur, he had requested MHRD Minister the thoroughly investigate the issue pertaining to appointment of faculties and downfall in the ranking of the institute.

Anurag Thakur had said that the complaints alleging ignoring merit in the appointments of faculty members and other positions was received in month of March. He said that  MHRD minister was appraised that time and he had assured to investigate the issue. He said that due to corona virus pandemic and long lock down the matter was pending. He said that the met the MHRD Minister today and requested to expedite the working in the NIT Hamipur.

Significantly, the INRFranking of the institute had fallen down to 98th position against 64th last year. There were repeated allegations from various section including Rajender Rana MLA Sujanpur that merit was ignored in the selection of employees at the Institute.

Anurag Thakur said that MHRD minister had assured that investigation would initiated on the complaints made by people and justice would prevail.

Meanwhile, section of employees from NIT said on anonymity that gross violations were made to select employees of certain region and cast by the selection committee on the behest of the director of the institute.

Vinod Yadva, Director of NIT Hamipur said that it was wrong to say that he had made selections of faculty in the NIT. He said instead it was the constituted body having members from MHRD too, that selected the faculties. He said that there was no violation of norms of selection of any faculty member. Speaking on the poor ranking of the NITH, he said that there were many factors that account for the ranking but there was no compromise with the quality of education in the institute.