8 Month Old Dies As Hospitals Refused Admission

Delhi, June 11 (QNN)

Hospitals overburdened by COVID-19, who refused to admit an 8 month pregnant woman in an emergency situation, leading to her death.

Recently a woman, who was eight months pregnant, died in an ambulance after being denied admission by over half a dozen hospitals in Delhi. She suffered in that ambulance for thirteen hours before finally succumbing to death. All because not one of so many hospitals  could spare a single bed for her. Sadly this news was buried somewhere among all the other Coronavirus related ones.

But it’s astonishing how those who were vehemently protesting the death of an elephant and its unborn baby a few days back are mum on this. Is that woman and her child any less deserving of our sympathies somehow? Or are their  and forgotten? Because it’s important to note that this is becoming an ‘everyday occurrence’ now. There are many more similar cases all over the country where hospitals cited lack of bed as the reason for non-admittance of critical patients. It’s unimaginable, what pain, horror and confusion she went through for thirteen hours, waiting and wondering why no one was willing to save her and her baby. She was stripped of her right to live by fellow humans. So who are we to rave about animal rights when we can’t even protect the human ones? What these hospitals’ managements lacked wasn’t a bed but ‘compassion’, compassion for another being, and it’s not just them, it’s all of us. Have they become that it’s not possible to think of other needy patients? Has hearing about Corona related deaths and agonies every day to some extent, numbed us to the sufferings of others.And this is where Coronavirus is actually winning because along with killing the many humans, it’s slowly but surely killing humanity in many more of us. So we have to fight this war on two fronts: to save Humans and to save humanity. They both need to survive, because each is truly meaningless without the other.