DRGMCH First in Himachal to introduce New Neonatal Jaundice diagnoses facility

Hamirpur, May 26, (QNN)

The Facility is free to detect Jaundice in infants at the Medical College and Hospital Hamirpur

Neonatal Jaundice diagnoses facility is introduced in Dr. Radhakrishanan Medical College and Hospital  (DRGMCH) here today. The facility would be available free of cost to the patients (Newborn Babies). Notably, Neonatal Jaundice is a condition where the bilirubin level rises in the blood and eyes, skin and mucous membranes of mouth become yellow in color. Most of newborn babies developed this condition within the first few days of their birth. Dr. Anil Chauhan Principal of the college said that in conventional method a minimum of 2 ml of blood sample was  taken each time the test was conducted and multiple tests were done during the treatment to ascertain the improvement and significant blood loss in babies was observed. He said that the process was time consuming and was also a traumatic experience for the parents and the newborn babies. He said that with the introduction of new facility known as ‘Transcutaneous Bilirubin Assessment And Micro Capillary Bilirubin Estimation’  at DRKGMC here the screening and treatment of the newborn had become easy, safe and fast.

The Instrument: Easy to operate and Fast

He said that the screening is done with the Transcutaneous bilirubinometer,  which is a hand held device. He said that the instrument is placed on the forehead of the child for a few seconds it reflects the level of bilirubin on the display screen and the doctor can decide on treatment easily. He said that no blood sampling is required during this procedure which is safe and very useful for the  detection of jaundice in newborn babies and helps in the early start of treatment of infants at risk.

He said that confirmation is done with micro capillary bilirubin estimation only in those babies who are found to have a high level of bilirubin during the screening procedure. For this, only a few drops of blood are required and it gives the confirmed blood levels of bilirubin within a few minutes. He said that twenty three tests can be done in one setting.

Free Of Cost:

Surprisingly, The test is done with negligible running costs and services to the patient are totally free.

Dr Anil Chauhan, Principal appreciated the entire team of Department of  Paediatrics led by Dr. Girish Kumar for their initiative in starting the service in the department. He said it would be a very useful tool for healthcare professionals involved in care of newborn and management of neonatal jaundice. “This  would prove a big mile stone in accomplishing mission ‘Happy Mother and a Healthy Baby.’