One Lac Covid-19 patients in INDIA, now in top 11 in the world

Covid-19 patients in the world amount to 4894364 with 320189 deaths

New Delhi: May 19,

With regular increase in the corona virus patients in India the number of total covid-19 patients had crossed One Lac mark today. The total number of corona virus patients was 101261 while this report was filed. India now stand at number 11 the world covid-19 patients tally. Significantly, it had surpassed China that had gone down to serial number 13 in the world tally with 82960 patients.

Table-1 Covid-19 Report as on May 19, 2020

Moreover, the total covid-19 patients in the world amount to 4894364 with 320189 deaths


The corona virus pandemic had created havoc in United States of America. The USA had 1550294 corona virus patients. The virus had claimed over 91981 deaths in USA. Though Russia stand second in the world corona virus tally with 290678 patients but had lost considerably less lives 2722.

The Pandemic had affected European Union badly where over 160000 people had succumbed to the disease. (See Table)

In India maximum number of patients were reported from state of Maharashtra 35,058 followed by Tamil Nadu 11760. The other top ten states of the country included Gujrat 11746, Delhi 10054, Rajasthan 5629, Madhya Pradesh 5236, Uttar Pradesh 4605, West Bangal 2825, Andhra Pradesh 2432, Punjab 1980, Telangana 1592, Bihar 1492.

Himachal Pradesh figured on 25th position in the national covid-19 tally with 90 cases so far.