Rs. 50000 Crore Industrial Hub is about to Collapse: Mukesh Agnihotri

Government must act fast to revive Asia’s biggest pharmaceutical industrial  center

Shimla, April 26

“Rs. 50 Thousand crore industrial hub is about to collapse and state government must act fast to revive it” ,said Mukesh Agnihotri Leader of Opposition here today. He said that The Pandemic had wreaked havoc on the economy of the state and there is an urgent need to revive the Industry and Trade sector, keeping the MHA guidelines in view.  He said, “We have Asia’s biggest Pharmaceutical Hub in Himachal and across the state we have established industries worth Fifty Thousand Crore which are facing challenging time”. He said that  though the Government has facilitated the operation of 25 percent  of the units which would be quite insufficient. He said that the state is protected from the virus, this is the opportunity for the State to emerge as a key player not just nationally but globally in this sector. He said that the State must demand a ‘Compensation Package’ from the Central Government for the losses incurred to the State during the lock down.

Mukesh Agnihotri urged that the Government should evacuate Himachalis stuck within and outside the State with unswerving commitment at the earliest. He said that government was duly bound to help all these people and facilitate their travel back home while abiding with the Protocol in this regard.

He said that State must not freeze the DA and DR of the employees and pensioners of the State Government. The employees were already deprived of the new pay scale and it would be grave injustice on the part of the State to deny them of their dues.

Mukesh Agnihotri said that government should publish all information related to the Covid- I 9 Fund on the website as soon as possible to establish transparency of the funds collected.

He said that private and organized collections must be banned by the Government and only direct donations to the State Covid fund be allowed to check the collection scams on the name of covid funds. He asserted that the Opposition would continue to support the government in these exceptional circumstances.