30 per cent pay-cut for all Members of Parliament for a year

Delhi: In a surprise move, Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar has announced that an Ordinance has been passed On April 6 to reduce the salaries of all Members of Parliament. This pay cut will be in place for the next 12 months. The Prime Minister, Union Cabinet, and all other MPs will get 30 per cent less, for a year.

Javadekar did not clarify if only the basic pay will be slashed or if it will also affect all allowances and perks that MPs, and ministers are entitled to. The ordinance, an amendment to Members of Parliament Act, 1954, passed on Monday, comes into effect immediately. The minister was also reluctant to answer questions about  the amount of money saved with this move but said, “it is not about saving,” but the salary cuts were about “the message, and the will of the MPs”. Was it mere optics then? All the minister would say was “it gives the right signal.” It is too early to say, but the buzz is now building if government employees may also have to take some kind of a pay cut. Most of them have already contributed one-day’s salary as a gesture of solidarity in the fight against Coronavirus pandemic.