Naughty elements burnt three bikes, including car, in Shimla

Shimla: Naughty elements set a roadside car and three bikes on fire in Tutu, a suburb of the capital. The miscreants carried out the incident near Tutu railway station around midnight. There is an atmosphere of panic in the area due to this incident. The Baluganj police have started investigating against unknown criminals. According to information received from the police, the miscreants set these vehicles on fire in a planned manner. These include the Wagonar car (HP 52A-5671), the bike (HP 52B-2605), (HP 52E-4989) and (HP 52A-2885).  The bikes were badly damaged in this incident. Mischievous elements could not be detected due to darkness. Police was informed by a driver passing through the road. More than a dozen vehicles were parked at the scene. Three fire engines from Baluganj, Male Road and Chhota Shimla were called on the spot to extinguish the fire. It took an hour to control the fire. Inorganic reformer of Baluganj Fire Station, Rao said that more than three lakh properties have been damaged in the fire. While property  worth 50 lakh has been saved from burning. It said that three bikes were completely put to ashes by the fire, while the rear of a car was also burnt. Nearly a dozen vehicles parked at the scene have been saved from burning. Shimla SP Omapati Jambal said that in this context, a case is being investigated against unknown accused. In Shimla earlier even chaotic elements have set fire to road vehicles parked on the roadside. Last year, two vehicles were burnt in Nabha area under Baluganj police station. However, the accused who carried out the incident, went into the custody of the police. In Bhattakufar under Dhali police station, miscreants also set fire to half a dozen vehicles in a series. But the police have not caught the accused yet.