Encroachment on forest land identified in front of ADC Residence

Hamirpur, September 07

The revenue department exposed encroachment on the forest land near the campus of forest offices in the town today. Significantly, the revenue officials today demarcated the forest land situated close to the office of the Divisional Forest officer and Conservator of Forest office while acting on a complaint. It was alleged that the land was used for commercial purpose by deforming the original status of the land by some influential people. The complainant Nishant Shanrma alleged that the precious forest land worth Rs. two crore was put to commercial use by a restaurant operator. Notably, The land was not only close to the offices of forest officers but was in front of residences of Additional Deputy Commissioner and Sub Divisional Magistrate. The residences of Judicial officers were also in close proximity and everyone was facing noise and traffic problem following idle parking and commercial activities here.

A senior officer had said that the noise from the restaurant had given sleepless nights and he had to call police time and again to check the noise pollution here. Many times costumers shout outside the eatery and use car horns regularly here, he added. The unauthorized parking in the area had added to the nuisance in the area.

Tehsildar Rajeev Thakur said that the land was demarcated repeatedly but forest authorities who need to take the action as it was already identified forest land. This time again forest land was demarcated again today in presence of representatives of forest department and points were also marked, he said.

The sources from the forest department revealed that it had asked people to remove concrete platform and retention wall from the forest land earlier too but it was allegedly reconstructed.

Divisional Forest Officer Dr. L C Bandana said that the department had initiated demarcation to identify the forest land near the forest campus and in the town. She said that department had planned to plant trees to beautify and increase the green cover in town. Any encroachment found on the forest land would be removed and land would be taken in the possession of the department, she added.