Governor presides over National Seminar on NEP 2020 at Dharamshala

Shimla (QNN)

Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar said that the mother tongue has played an important role in the development of the country.  “If India wants to become a Vishwa Guru, then that work can be done in its mother tongue”, he said. Governor was speaking on the occasion of National Seminar on “National Education Policy 2020: A boon for the development of Hindi and Indian languages” organized under the joint aegis of Hindi Department of Himachal Pradesh Central University and Prachar Vibhag of Bhartiya Shikshan Mandal at Dharamsala in Kangra district, today.   He said that it was an attempt to de-colonize our education system for the first time through the National Education Policy (NEP). It makes job providers and not the job seekers, he added. “NEP has given us the letter ‘Swa’ which means whatever it is, it is mine, our country and our culture and our history.  The NEP is capable of awakening it. If the Swa is awakened, then no one can stop us from becoming a Vishwa Guru”, said Shri Arlekar.

The Governor said that the present education policy makes us only job seekers and not job givers.  It did not connect the youth to the land but, on the contrary, the NEP gave us the right direction where we have to go.  He said that India has a glorious culture and history.  After getting ‘Political Independence’, the world had certain expectations from us.  But, we started looking at other countries.  He said that we could have guided the world but we had forgotten our glorious history.  He said that the reason for this was the influence of Britishers.  He added that after many years, the NEP could pave our way. Akhil Bhartiya Sangathan Mantri, Bhartiya Shikshan Mandal, Mukul Kanitkar said that the British conspired to end the country’s education system in 1835, when the country’s literacy was almost 100 percent at that time.  This figure came out only from the survey of the Britishers, he added.  He said that after 185 years, now the NEP has come, which in fact outlines the national goal of India.  It provided us equal rights and  recognized regional languages, he added.  He said that every language and dialect spoken in India was the national language, but without constitutional amendment, English still dominated us. He said that all developed countries having the highest GDP have imparted and given first preference to their own language. He exhorted that the NEP has given us opportunities which we all need to take advantage of. Earlier, the Vice Chancellor of Central University of Himachal Pradesh, Prof.  Sat Prakash Bansal honored and welcomed the Governor.  He said that the Central University was the first university which formulated the Guidelines of NEP and implemented this policy.  He said that the State Government also decided to adopt the Policy first.  He said that through the new education policy, a concerted effort has been made to connect with Indian culture and for the first time an attempt has been made to give importance to its own language. Prant Adhyaksh, Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal Prof. Kulbhushan Chandel, Seh-Sangathan Mantri Shankaranand, Dean, Academy of Himachal Pradesh Central University Prof. Pradeep Kumar Officers of district administration, professors, research scholars, students of various universities and colleges were also present on the occasion.