Youth lend hand for cremation of corona victim

Hamirpur, May 17

Four Youth came forward to lend hand for cremation of corona victim in village Budhvin near Galore in Nadaun Sub Division of the district today. Significantly, these persons had offered their services after they noticed that people were not helping families who had lost lives of their near and dear due to corona virus. These four persons from Nadaun including Parvinder Katoch (Monu), Arun Sharma, Manoj Kumar and Manuj Kumar cremated the body of covid victim of 62 year of age in village Budhvin in Galore area. The deceased was under treatment and was in home isolation. He died on May 17 and since there were only two family members while none came to help in cremation. The other informed the administration and administration informed these four persons about the task.

All four rushed to the village and performed cremation wearing PPE kits. While some relatives observed the cremation from distance.

“ We are surprised to see the reactions of people and even relatives of covid victims, how could they be so insensitive towards their own family members” , said Parvinder Katoch. He said that people were afraid of going close to bodies of covid patients but performing cremation with protection was safe and worth sanctification.

Vijay Dhiman Sub Divisional officer at Nadaun while appreciating these four persons said that these persons were doing great help to mankind. He said that they had offered their service at a time when it was needed utmost.


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