Chief Minister Jairam would write history by repeating government: BJP

Working on Mission Repeat 2022 of Bhartiya Janta Party

Shimla (QNN)

Chief Minister jairam Thakur would add an historical chapter by repeating the government in the state. This was stated by BJP leaders in Shimla. The number of leaders in BJP said that opponents were conspiring to stop the victory of BJP in Municipal Corporation elections in Shimla.

Many BJP leaders were of the opinion that Chief Minister Jairam Thakur had succeeded in gaining popularity among the masses due to his simplistic style and honest image. This had resulted in victory of all bye elections and all four seats of loksabha in the state. Notably, BJP won with record margin in the Lok Sabha elections in the state. BJP also won bye-elections in Dharamsala and Pachad. The BJP supported candidates won with a landslide victory in the recently held panchayati raj and municipal elections.

Oath Taking ceremony of CM Jai Ram Thakur at Shimla

The successive victories of the party under leadership of Jairam Thakur led to a lot of confidence in the leaders and workers in the state. It was only due to this confidence, government created three new municipal corporations and decided to hold corporation elections on party symbols.

BJP observed that Jairam Thakur’s increasing popularity among the people of the state has led to the victory of BJP and the opponents were now conspiring to tarnish the image of Jairam government in the state.

Pertinently, Jairam Thakur won from Saraj Legislative Assembly constituency of Mandi district and had long organisational experience. He had been a minister in the BJP government in the past, that gave him experience of the government as well. Five time MLA was the first choice BJP leadership in the centre for the post of Chief Minister following his honest image and being hard worker.

Meanwhile his initiatives succeeded in gaining popularity among the public. These included direct communication with the public, administration and management during corona virus pandemic.

Jairam Thakur  maintained better coordination with the centre government for the development of the state and garnered huge financial support for the welfare of people of the state. He also managed to get funds for education, health, roads, rail and industrial sector with his continued meetings with  Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other ministers in Delhi.

It was observed that he had been successful in mobilizing party workers at the ground level. Despite his official responsibilities, his preference to address party worker had helped him in gaining confidence among them. He had been working rigorously to make Mission Repeat 2022 a success.