Saving or Slaughtering: Covid-19 and Wildlife

Delhi, July 20 (QNN)

The COVID-19 outbreak was one of the worst socio economic calamities the world is experiencing. It was affecting all aspects of human lives and thousands of lives it has claimed.

Environmentalists now were concerned on the impact of corona virus on the environment. The lockdowns and other preventive measures had resulted in large drop in air pollution. It was estimated that in two months of reduction in pollution in China it had saved the lives of four Thousand kids under age of five and 73000 adults over 70, according to Marshall Burke an environmentalist and professor at Stanford University.

The pandemic had also brought a link between zoonotic diseases and wildlife onto the spotlight. As the corona virus was believed to be transmitted to humans by consumption of bats and pangolins. Notably, epidemics such as SARS, MERS and Ebola  along with many other pathogens  were traced back to viruses spread from animal to people. The exact origins were still unknown, but COVID-19 was suspected to originated from bats and may have infected humans through intermediary wild species in a China wildlife market, said WWF in one of its reports.