Hamirpur to Go CORONA Free, Both Covid-19 Patients Tested Negative

Containment Zones Denotified, Lock Down to Continue

April 30, 2020 Hill Quest

Both corona positive patients from the district were tested negative in the first sampling after 14 days  today. Repeat samples of both patients would be sent for testing again tomorrow.  Significantly, two persons including one man and a woman were tested positive for corona virus on April 17. Both of them were shifted to Radhaswami Charitable Hospital Bhota in the covid-19 center.

There was suspense on their earlier report and it was decided to do their anti body profile test but the idea was dropped later by the authorities. Meanwhile over 370 primary and secondary contacts of both patients were tested for corona virus. All of the 370 primary and secondary contacts of both patients were tested negative. To re-assure the health status of the health authorities repeated the corona tests of ten family members of both patients and they were again tested negative.

In the recent development in the district two sealed areas (HotSpots) in the district were denotified by the administration today. Now living in these areas could enjoy the facilities of relaxation periods from 0530 hrs to 0700hrs and 0700 to 1100 hrs.

The district administration had declared two areas including Hamirpur and surrounding panchayts and Jolsappar and surrounding Panchayts as containment areas after one person in each area was tested positive for corona virus.

Harilkesh Meena Deputy Commissioner said that the containment orders were withdrawn today. He said that people of the containment zones could now avail the facilities during the relaxation period as in other parts of the district.