Stay there where you are…. CM Himachal Pradesh

Still, you can enter the state if you are prepared for 14 days in Quarantine center

Shimla, April 17,

“stay there where you are at present and don’t try to rush into Himachal Pradesh”, said Jai Ram Thakur Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh. He said that government honours the sentiments of Himachalis staying out of the state. He said that he was receiving number of phone calls from sons and daughters of the state, who were stuck out of the state following lock down due to corona virus pandemic.

Jai Ram Thakur said that they should wait until lock down is in force in the state. He said that Himachal is their home and they could come in the state as and when they want. But they would have to spend 14 days in the isolation centers before going to their homes. He said that the movement within the district was also prohibited. He said that spending time in the quarantine centre would be more uncomfortable.

Chief Minister said that the isolation is very important not only for those who want to come in the state but also for their families. He said that in extreme emergency individuals are allowed to enter the state. in that case individuals has to undergo complete health examination before entering the state, he added.