Number of total corona virus patients surged to 21,83,877 worldwide

USA, Spain and Italy are worst affected countries in world

New Delhi, April 17


Covid-19 Status as on April 17, 2020

Number of total corona virus patients has surged to 21,83,877 worldwide and virus is spreading at pace in some countries. Significantly, the spread of virus was first reported in Wuhan city of China. It was alleged that the virus was leaked from a government bio-chem laboratory in December 2019. The Wuhan city was worst hit city of the country from where it spread in other countries around the globe. The Chinese Authorities had refuted the allegation.

As of now over 206 countries and regions were hit by the deadly corona virus. Pertinently, there scientists around the globe were struggling to develop vaccine to contain the virus but fruitful results were yet to be arrived.

The disease caused by the corona virus was named Civid-19. It had claimed over 146872 deaths so far. The recent number of Corona virus Cases had surged to 2,183,877. As many as  699,643 were closed including cases 552,771 (79%) Recovered / Discharged and 146,872 (21%) had died.

It was reported that there were Currently 1,484,234 Infected Patients worldwide (at the time of filing News) including 1,427,646 (96%) in Mild Condition and 56,588 (4%) Serious or Critical.

USA, Spain and Italy are worst affected countries in world.