13 students returned from China Under the supervision of Hamirpur Health Department

Hamirpur Health Department has also issued an alert regarding Corona virus. Due to the advisory issued by the Health Department, 13 people identified as Corona virus are being monitored. 13 people identified in the area are being taken care of and the houses are under surveillance from morning to evening. However, coro virus has not been found in any of these. According to the acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sanjay Jagota, an Isolated Ward has also been made in the medical college premises to protect the corona virus. Executive Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sanjay Jagota said that a meeting has been held with the officers and staff of the entire district to protect against the corona virus. Special isolation ward has been prepared. He said that rural workers have also been trained on the corona virus, so that treatment can be started immediately if symptoms are seen. 13 people from the Corona-affected country, China, have been kept under the supervision of the department day and night, whose health workers are going to checkup in the morning and evening.