H.P School suspends seven students for ragging juniors

Una: A Centre Government-run boarding school in Una district of Himachal Pradesh has suspended seven students for allegedly ragging junior students.

Culprits were studying Class 12. Incident came to light last week when 21 students of Class 10 complaint to the school authorities.

Chaudhary, who on Monday counselled the victims, told the senior students would force them to do their homework and wash clothes.

If they refused, the senior would slap them or beat them with rods and shoes. Their ordeal would begin in the evening and sometimes continue till morning.

“Unable to bear the torture, the victims complained to the school authorities. Acting swiftly, the school management suspended the culprits and also informed the district administration,” said Chaudhary.

Ragging menace was prevalent in India’s school and college campuses in yesteryears resulting in many students committing suicide or fall in depression.

In the light of tragic incident, Supreme Court ordered the government to set parameters to prevent ragging in education institutions.

The Himachal Pradesh also implemented a stricter Himachal Pradesh Educational Institutions (Prohibition of Ragging) Act in 2009 under which, those involved in ragging would be expelled and become ineligible to for admission in any institution for three years.

The detailed report is likely to be submitted to the deputy commissioner today.

Strict law implemented by the state government has helped curb