Avoid “Fashionable Clothes”: Himachal Dress Code For Government School Teachers

Shimla: Himachal Pradesh authorities have issued a directive to all teachers in government schools to avoid wearing fashionable clothes while on duty to “check incidents of sexual abuse”. Going a step ahead, the government is also contemplating invoking a dress code in higher secondary schools for the teachers.

Education Minister Suresh Bhardwaj said teachers of a government higher secondary school in Solan have a dress code. “There is no harm if other schools also follow this practice. Before implementing the dress code, we will hold talks with teachers soon.”

Officials say the purpose of the dress code is to avoid wearing “short and tight clothes”. This will help to check incidents of sexual abuse involving teachers in educational institutions, they said.

Higher Education Director Amarjeet Sharma said a teacher is a role model for the students. “If teachers adopt a simple living, the students will definitely follow him or her.”

For the male teachers there is a proposal of formal trousers and shirts and for the female teachers there will be either a saree or a salwar suit and no leggings or jeans.

However, some teachers favour a ban on clothing “unacceptable to mainstream society”, while others object to the move, saying this will be an “outrageous” decision.

The hill state has 15,162 schools. These include 10,650 primary and 4,512 upper primary schools.