India removes restriction on its air space usage

Delhi:The Indian Air Force (IAF) on Friday  has removed all temporary restrictions on all air routes in the Indian airspace. The IAF Tweet this on Twitter. The Indian Air Force had put temporary airspace restrictions on Indian air space on February 27.

The tweet is expected to set the ball rolling for Pakistan to remove similar restrictions that it has placed on use of its air space. The IAF put the air space restrictions a day after its fighter bombed Balakot in Pakistan territory.

Since February 27, flights on these sectors were taking longer routes leading to an increase in flying time by up to three hours

Incidentally, Pakistan had extended the restriction on Indian aircraft over flying its territory till June 15 earlier this week. Pakistan followed suit and it also banned all aircraft flying from India into its airspace to continue their onward journeys.

The restrictions are being removed less than 24 hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi begins his second term.