PM Narendra Modi Visited Arun Jaitley Residence in New Delhi

New Delhi: On Wednesday Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Arun Jaitley at latter’s residence in New Delhi. Hours after Arun Jaitley announced decision not to seek a ministerial position in Modi 2.0 government due to health reasons.

He reportedly requested him to ‘reconsider’ his decision to not be a part of the new government.PM Modi reached Jaitley’s residence at 8.30 pm and left at about 9.20 pm. Earlier today, Jaitley wrote to Modi requesting that he be not made a minister under the new government.

Earlier in the day, Jaitley wrote to Modi requesting that he be kept out of the new Cabinet,Citing health reasons.

Arun Jaitley said, “During the last 18 months, I have had some serious health challenges. My doctors have enabled me to emerge out of most of them. After the campaign had concluded and you were leaving for Kedarnath,

I had orally informed you that even though I was able to discharge the responsibilities assigned to me during the campaign, I would in future, for some time, like to keep away from any responsibility” he said.

However, Jaitley leaves behind much kind inflation. The CPI inflation rate was less than 3 per cent in March 2019 against over 8 per cent in the same month five years ago. Similarly, the retail food and beverages inflation rate was 8.61 per cent five years ago, which was down to 0.66 per cent in March 2019.

The new council of ministers will be sworn Today .The names of Piyush Goyal and BJP chief Amit Shah were doing the rounds to replace Jaitley in the Ministry of Finanace. Railway and Coal Minister Piyush Goyal was the stand-in finance minister who presented the interim budget for 2019-20.