Making a Marathi film was the right choice: Omkar Shetty

Mumbai.  Omkar Shetty, who made his scriptwriting and directorial debut with Aaron (2018), started off in Bollywood as an editor for television shows and films. He then went on to work with film-maker Kabir Khan as an assistant editor for various documentaries. However, his biggest dream was to become a writer and director. “I got into a prominent studio with the help of Kabir sir and worked on my first television project which was called Seven, as an assistant director. I directed a few commercials, too, and worked on a few more television shows,” says Omkar. It was during this time that he decided to write the script for Aaron. Ask him why he chose to debut in the regional film industry, and he says, “My family is not from the film industry and I don’t have a godfather. I had to start from scratch. So, I thought why not from Marathi as it has great content, an intelligent audience and a great understanding. Also, I had another Hindi script ready but no one in Bollywood was ready to put that kind of money on a debutant director.”The Marathi-French bilingual travel story starring Shashank Ketkar is shot across Europe and not in the usual spots. Omkar adds that because of his experience with commercials, he knows the pulse of shooting within a budget. “I have not used locations just for the sake of it. I have used locations that are relevant and unused. The film has made rounds of many film festivals and has received several nominations and awards too,” he says.