Himachal Pradesh better than Kerala in literacy rate : CM


Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur said that Himachal Pradesh is better than Kerala in literacy rate.

He further said that his government has tried its level best to make the state of Himachal Pradesh a better one in terms of providing education despite a tough geographical terrain and for that, he congratulates all people who are directly or indirectly working with the education department.

Thakur said that the government tried to connect with more students virtually and interact with them since it was not possible to have an event at one place with all of them.

If we talk about Himachal Pradesh, there was a time when there were talks about who is ahead in literacy rate. There was usually a competition between Himachal and Kerala. Today, I can say that, as per the literacy rate, we are not behind Kerala. Himachal Pradesh is better than Kerala and ahead. It is a matter of happiness for us,” he told.

There was another situation that we used to face. Parents wanted the boy child to study, but not everyone wanted to let a girl child study. Earlier, people didn’t use to take education for a girl child seriously, but it’s good to see that times have changed and girls are now excelling more than the boys in studies, the chief minister added.

Due to the pandemic, distribution of laptops to the students got delayed but students were concerned and called me asking when they would receive the laptops. Some even messaged us raising the same query. But now the State Government has provided these laptops to the students. Technology has brought a sea change in the education system as well. Thus, modern equipment like laptops, computers, mobile phones, etc. have become necessary tools for studies, he further said.