Punjab CM meets school Principals, announces Teachers to be sent abroad for Training


Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann held a meeting with government school principals and sought input from them on raising the bar for school education. Additionally, he launched an online portal to get ideas and suggestions from teachers and bring ‘out-of-the-box’ reforms in education. He further urged teachers to submit their ideas online via the portal to help change the conventional education system and make it paperless, digitally empowered, etc., as per an official release. Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann went on to remark that people have lost faith in the current education system.

The Punjab CM added that even though there is no doubt regarding government teachers’ abilities, people’s trust needs to be rebuilt in the government education system which can be attained only with people’s support.

Further speaking on confidence in government schools, Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann added, “At the same time, we also need to boost the confidence of students to make them job providers from job seekers.

The Punjab CM added that the state government will provide full support to teachers to make the present education system viable, and more relevant to everyday life.

The Punjab CM went on to say that his government was committed to ending ‘brain drain’ by bringing industry back in the state to give jobs to the youth.

He explained that it is for this reason that a special focus will be given to education instead of emphasising high percentage.

Praising the Delhi government regarding growth in the Delhi education sector, he remarked that more than 4 lakh students have moved to government schools from private schools.

He added that 450 students from Delhi get admission to prestigious institutions like the IIT annually, while adding that the Delhi government has set up 10,000 rooms in government schools.

Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann further announced, “To take our education to the next level, our teachers will be sent on educational tours to Delhi schools and even abroad for education training in batches to countries like Singapore, Switzerland, Finland and institutes like Harvard and Oxford on government expenses.