Four found dead near Manimahesh mountain

Three men and one women from Gujrat died in the hills of shrine

Chamba (QNN)

Four persons were reportedly found dead near Manimahesh mountain. It was learnt that all of them were went to the mountain and their bodies were found on the Kugti Pass path. It was apprehended that they had died due to sever cold and low oxygen.

The deceased included three men and one women. Three of them were identified as Aman Kumar (Chamba), Himangi (Gujrat) and Vinod (Ludhiana) the fourth body was yet to be identified.

One more group of seven persons was also reported missing in the manimahesh hills but was later located near Dhacho fall on way back from Manimahesh. The SDM Bharmour said that the group of seven persons was out of phone signal zone hence could not be contacted.