120 Indian citizens returned home from Afghanistan, returned home by Air Force plane

Gujarat, August 17

The Air Force plane, which left Kabul with other citizens including Indian Embassy officials, has reached Jamnagar in Gujarat. About 120 people have been brought to their home safely by this plane. These officials also included Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan Rudendra Tandon. Addressing the media after landing at Jamnagar, he first thanked the India Air Force and said that they brought us back from an unusual situation, which is a big deal.

Rudendra Tandon further said that it is not that we have abandoned the people of Afghanistan, but in future, our relationship with them will always be maintained and will be ready to help them. He said that we are constantly monitoring the situation as there are still some Indian nationals there. That is why as long as the airport in Kabul is functional, Air India will continue to run its commercial services to Kabul.

All the people who returned home from the fear of Taliban are looking very happy. Earlier, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi had said that in view of the current situation, a decision has been taken to take everyone to their homeland.