India reports 2553 fresh cases in last 24 hours

Shimla: A total of two thousand 553 fresh confirmed cases of novel coronavirus or COVID-19 have been reported in the country in the last 24 hours taking the total number to  42,553 . Out of them, 11, 706 patients have recovered so far  with the recovery of 1,074 patients in 24 hours  which is the highest number of patients recovered  in just one day. New Delhi, Health Ministry official said that the  recovery rate of patients from COVID-19 infection has gone up to 27.52 per cent. He also informed that Outcome ratio which indicates  status of closed COVID19 cases among people who either recovered or passed away, has improved to 90:10 today which was 80:20 on 17th of April.  The Health Ministry official said that we are transitioning to a new normal where  we need to compulsorily wear face masks and covers in public places and  to follow preventive measures outside containment zones as well. He said, as lockdown is being eased in a staggered manner, it is imperative to continue rigorous containment measures, effective clinical management, infection prevention and control.In pandemics such as COVID-19, historically it has been noted that if social distancing is not respected when social mobility is allowed, chances of disease transmission increase rapid once restrictions are eased. He said, therefore, to  prevent such a situation and to maintain the benefits of lockdown, people  should understand their social responsibility and  diligently follow all protocols and guidelines .